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Human Rights Organizations & Periodicals Directory
12th Ed. October, 2007

Book is available for ordering.

Hundreds of new organizations working against war and violations of civil rights & liberties are springing up across the United States. And many organizations are moving, getting Web pages or e-mail addresses, and starting publications. It­s virtually impossible to keep up!

That­s where this invaluable Directory comes in. Available now, it describes more than 1,300 organizations and periodicals that work in the U.S. (and abroad) on issues in the U.S. (and abroad).

The Directory has become increasingly popular with universities and colleges, career service centers, libraries, and government agencies. It helps link nonprofit organizations with other NonGovernmental Organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

After alphabetical descriptions of each entry, the Subject Index lists each organization and periodical under three categories, from Academic Freedom and Affirmative Action, to WTO work and Youth rights.

A special feature is the Student Internship list, which includes every organization providing internships, with a contact name. The Periodicals listing is helpful for organizations with newsletters with distinctive names. The Geographical Index helps people seeking organizations in their area. ($75 ea. Individuals/NGOs; 175.00 ea. Libraries/Institutions, plus s/h.). See Order Publications.

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