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2014 • University of California, Berkeley

  • Mr. Michael  Kwett

  • Ms. Sayedah  Mosari
  • Mr. David  Nelson

  • Ms. Jessica  Paduganan

Read their stories in the Spring 2014 issue of Human Rights Now!


  • Emily Feenstra, Washington and Lee University School of Law- Shadow Report 2012; Legality of US Drones in Pakistan, Liability of Corporations in US Courts for Child Torts Committed Abroad
  • Kyle Ann Piasecki, Macalester College- Shadow Report 2012; Equal Rights of Men and Women, Alabama HB 56
  • Kira Bartholomew, University of California, Berkeley- Shadow Report 2012; Due Process and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention System
  • Shavaugn Lewis, Washington University School of Law- Shadow Report 2012; Slavery and Human Trafficking in the US, LGBT Discrimination
  • Shitel Chanana, Hastings School of Law- Shadow Report 2012; US Private Prisons Violate US Treaty Law
  • Stephanie Pande, University of California, Santa Barbara- Shadow Report 2012; Arizona Bans Mexicans American Studies Classes, Solitary Confinement is Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  • Melody Ng, University of California, Berkeley- Mobilization of Shame, Shadow Report 2012; Arizona Anti-Abortion Bill Violates US Treaty Law
  • Brenda Gonzalez, University of California, Berkeley- California Has a Strong Law Against Child Trafficking