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Founded in 1965, MCLI has become part of the infrastructure of the peace and justice community, empowering people to protect and expand their rights under law. Meiklejohn is a center for peace law, an organizer for the right to education, an information clearinghouse on social change, an advocate of government accountability, a training center, and repository of history. It has been called a "Civil Liberties Church" and a think tank combining archives and ongoing research.

In 1995, the Institute's Human Rights Reporting Project began using new U.S. treaties as new tools to work for human rights, full employment, economic conversion, and saving the environment. Since 1984, the Institute's Peace Law and Education Project has been using peace law and history to work on these issues.

The Institute joins networks and provides speakers.

The Institute publishes and distributes the Human Rights Organizations and Periodicals Directory, Peace Law Packets and the Human Rights Now! quarterly newsletter.

The Institute's highly regarded Studies in Law and Social Change include Alexander Meiklejohn: Teacher of Freedom, The Cold War Against Labor, and The Ford Hunger March.

The Institute's survival depends on the support of those who share its goals and values.

MCLI is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Mission Statement

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (MCLI) uses Human Rights and Constitutional Law to promote fundamental human rights within the United States, including the right to jobs, food, and housing.

The goals are:

  1. To help individuals use human rights and peace law to enforce their civil rights and their right to peace, education, jobs, justice, and a healthly environment.
  2. To lecture, hold forums, and publish materials on United States and international human rights and humanitarian law, emphasizing the connection between civil and political rights and economic, social, and cultural rights.
  3. To remain especially alert to human rights and to maintaining the physical and mental integrity of the most disadvantaged in the United States, including children tried and sentenced as adults, those who face the death penalty, and those facing distinctions based on race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and physical and mental disability.
  4. To offer internships that provide practical and multifaceted learning experience to college and law students and opportunties for volunteers to do meaningful work to assist activists, writers, and scholars.
  5. To develop innovative ways of using human rights law in new venues from city commissions to U.N. committees.
  6. To collect, index, archive, and make accessible the United States history of human rights and peace law that is not reported by traditional law services.


Executive Director

  • George Lippman

Executive Director, Emeritus

  • Ann Fagan Ginger

Board Members

Organizations and/or affiliations are for identification only and do not imply support by the organization

  • Linus Pauling (1901-1994)
  • Frank Newman (1918-1996)

  • Susan Scott, Interim President, Human Rights Attorney
  • Steve Bingham, President on Leave, Legal Service Attorney
  • Rev. Daniel A. Buford, Vice President, Community Activist
  • Walter Riley, Treasurer, Human Rights Attorney
  • Victoria Sawicki, Secretary Pro Tem , Union & Environmental Activist
  • Jim Syfers, Editor, Prof. Emeritus, SFSU
  • Barbara Blong, Peace/Human Rights Activist
  • Seth Chazin, Trial Attorney
  • Ann Fagan Ginger, Professor and Author
  • Jan Goodman, Attorney
  • Faye Hinze, Retired Teacher and Community Activist
  • Hon. Claudia Morcom, Wayne County Circuit Court, ret.
  • Lucy Rodriguez, Immigration Attorney
  • Jennifer Smith, Ex-MCLI Coordinator
  • Josephine Weinberg, Legal Advocate

Advisory Committee

  • Russell Bloom, National Lawyers Guild Rep.
  • Zipporah Collins, Editor
  • Emma Dawley, Black Women Stirring the Waters
  • Aileen C. Hernandez, Urban Consultant
  • Nancy Hormachea, Immigration Attorney
  • Wes McGee, Minneapolis Black Trade Unionist
  • Wilson Riles, Jr., Community Organizer
  • Colleen Rohan, International Criminal Court Attorney
  • Bill Quigley, Legal Director, Center for Constitutional Rights
  • Lindsley Smith, Arkansas Legislator
  • Marc Van Der Hout, Immigration Attorney
  • Howard Watkins, Fresno Family Law Attorney
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